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Sakura Workshop

Wooden Bodysurfing Handplanes, Canoe & SUP Paddles and wooden surf wax holders handmade in Pembrokeshire Wales

About Us

Looking for a use for off cuts from the boat building repair and restoration jobs I was involved in, surf wax holders and Bodysurfing handplanes were small enough and adaptable enough to create them in a variety of ways. Watersports is a great passion of ours and wood work creates warm stylish products that function and look great with it.
Grinding down and rounding off the edges of the Canoe ready for fibreglassing
December bodysurf, looking down the line of the wave, bodysurfing Pembrokeshire, Wales
Shaping the shaft of the Canoe Paddle using a draw knife, the traditional methods are the most satisfactory
Pembrokeahire Coastline on a Stand up paddleboard with Wooden Paddle for sale in our online shop
December bodysurf, duckdiving in clear cool water, Pembrokeshire, Wales

    It is our human nature to go out and play; when it comes to bodysurfing and stand up paddle board surfing it’s the reward of the next best wave and with flat water paddling, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding it’s the adventure of the journey and the places along the way.

    Humans are the only species to retain the juvenile sense of play into adulthood and our aim is to produce quality wooden products to reflect this.
    Sakura Workshop is a Pembrokeshire, Wales based woodworker.

    Taking inspiration from the cherry tree, Japanese culture and traditions to create handmade wooden bodysurfing handplanes, canoe and stand up paddleboard paddles.

    Primarily working with cherry wood as well as locally sourced or reclaimed timber and wood products.