Winter bodysurfing

Winter surf sessions can take a little more motivation to get out on the water but can be a rewarding experience during November and December the sky was grey the wind was cold but getting in to the water it was surprisingly warm.
We were greeted with quiet sizeable waves, a little cool but with winter wetsuits, boots, gloves and a hood it was very pleasent. I made it up to the end of November with out a hood but was very glad of it in December.

November, we had sunset sessions with the moon already risen making for an amazing evening with no wind.
November sunset at Newgale, Pembrokeshire, WalesNovember sunset bodysurf, waves and moon captured together, Newgale beach, Pembrokeshire, Wales

November bodysurf, silhouette of Newgale through the wavesNovember bodysurf, starting to get chilly but still smiling, Newgale beach, Pembrokeshire, Wales

December the hood was needed for the windier days but still the water was warmer than expected and clear and green.

December bodysurf, duckdiving in clear cool water, Pembrokeshire, WalesDecember bodysurf, looking down the line of the wave, Pembrokeshire, Wales

December bodysurf, tucking in to a small barrel, Pembrokeshire, WalesDecember bodysurf, getting engulfed by the waves, Pembrokeshire, Wales