Petal Bodysurf Handplane


Handmade wooden bodysurf handplane inspired by the cherry blossom petal

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For Sale, Wooden Bodysurf handplane, handmade in Pembrokeshire, UK, Buy online

Petal bodysurfing handplane, fully adjustable strap, concave profile

Handplanes are miniature surfboards used and controlled by the hand to increase your body planing surface area and directional control.

Sakura Workshop produces handmade wooden bodysurf handplanes inspired by the cherry blossom petal with a concave underside which creates lift and rails to assist directional control.

Petal bodysurf handplane

  • Marine plywood construction
  • Fully adjustable webbing strap
  • Concave shape to underside
  • Treated with Danish oil
  • Dimensions 12 1/2″ x 7 1/2″