Every month on the sea

A year ago I read an artical online about a Canadian canoer who set himself the goal of paddling at least once a month for the year of 2013, reading this just before New years eve with 2014 and resolutions on the horizon this was something I could relate to and see myself sticking to.
So I folowed suit deciding to get out on the water at least once each month doing which ever water sport I could.
Being a surfer first, January started with a clean wave at our local Beach Newgale in Pembrokeshire Wales at this time I had started making the Wooden bodysurf handplanes so in Febuary I took a friend out for a test ride it was rough, messy, cold waves but we were both hooked.

March brought sunny crisp days and a great day out Stand up Paddle boarding with Board Games Surfing where we paddled in to the Blue Lagoon at Abberidy to learn some top tips.
Aprils Sunset surf sessions were welcomed by the local pembrokeshire surfers and it was great to see so many people out on the water together.
May became paddle month with the completion of our SUP paddles and plywood canoe we took to the water on both down at Fishguard Lower Town Harbour, the paddles performed great they felt good in the hand and pulled through the water with ease, the canoe though was interesting the narrow design took a little time getting used to.
June was full of flat seas perfect for Stand up paddle boarding I have been able to explore a fair bit of the Pembrokeshire coastline and with the Pembrokeshire Sup Club meet new people.

Collage of photos taken through out 2014 doing various activities each month
Check out the full set of pictures on Facebook

July was a hot month and bodysurfing in the cool water was a welcome break small waves and quiet beaches made for lovely evenings and some interesting photos with the sun glistening off the waves.
August summer holidays welcomes the family and friends visiting so I got to test my handplanes with lots of people in the best warm water conditions.
In September our friend from Kayak-King held a cardbord kayak competition which was a great success lots of laughs and great to see the local support for such an unusual event.
Halloween in October was a great excuse to head to the beach in fancy dress play games and bodysurf we had to brave the weather but it was a fun day.
Which brings us to the end of the year and our final bodysurfs in November and December the weather was clear and the water was warmer than we expected, we had our very last bodysurf on New years eve and was a great way to close the year out.

With work, sea conditions and just a lack of time it can be hard to get out on the sea as much as we would like but this was a great way to make the most of the conditions we had.
Our Canadian inspirer took photos to prove it so we set up a facebook album to share this check it out here

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