Care Guide

Your wooden bodysurf handplane or paddle has been treated with Danish oil making the care of your bodysurf handplane or paddle easy.

To maintain the finish  apply a thin layer of Danish oil with a lint free cloth leave for a few minutes then wipe away any excess allow 6 hours to dry. When and how often to do this will depend on your use a general rule is

– use weekly, oil monthly – use monthly, oil Four monthly – use yearly, oil when necessary


Paddle blade care, from time to time, stand the paddle blade upright in an inch or two of oil and allow to soak in for an hour.

If your paddle becomes scratched or worn re-oiling is easy and quick, with 120 grit sandpaper sand back the affected area to bare wood clean off any excess dust and apply 3 coats of danish oil with a lint free cloth allowing 20mins between each coat and 6 hours drying time before use

care guide, use rinse dry repeat


After each use of your handplane rinse off with clean water and leave to air dry before packing away………… or just head out on the water again.

Danish oil care kit for wooden bodysurfing handplanes and paddles, Buy online from Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK